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Choose the Best Sun-protective Clothing for Summer

Many people depend on sunscreen for sun protection, but few people know or consider wearing UPF 50+ clothes.

Sunscreen is an effective method of sun protection, but it should be considered a last resort. Dermatologists agree that UPF 50+ sun protection clothes and wide-brimmed sun hats are the most effective way to be protected from sunburn, skin aging and skin cancer. UPF 50+ clothing is considered by medical professionals to be the primary means of sun protection because it does not depend on using chemicals, like sunscreen. Conventional clothing typically has some level of sun protection, but UPF 50+ sun protection clothing only allows up to 2% of UV radiation to penetrate the fabric and reach the skin.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of sunscreen on our environment, especially the oceans. Chemicals in sunscreen are known to have an adverse effect on the ecology of coral reefs. There are many reasons to consider UPF 50+ sun protection clothes as the main sun protection way. UPF stands for UV protection and is the sun protection rating of fabrics. UPF clothing uses sun-protective fabrics, such as polyester, cotton and more. UPF garments also utilize functional design, which means less skin is exposed to the sun.  

UPF is used in clothing just like SPF is used in sunscreen. The UPF rating measures the amount of UV rays blocked by the fabric. Therefore, a UPF of 5 clothing means that 20% of the ultraviolet radiation can penetrate the fabric. In other word, a UPF of 5 can block 80% of UV rays. Ordinary clothing does provide some sun protection, but still allows most of UV radiation passes through the fabric. The UPF 50+ of the highest UPF rating indicates that up to 2% of the UV rays can penetrate the fabric. That is, at least 98% of the UV rays are blocked by the 50+ UPF. 

Sun protection may not be the most interesting part of a vacation trip, but you must consider adopting a sun protection strategy because the results are severe if you don’t apply sunscreen regularly. While most people think sunscreen is the best way to protect against harmful rays of the sun, experts say that the first line of defense against UV radiation is actually your clothes. Sun-protective clothes include long-sleeve shirts, long pants and wide-brimmed sun hats. Sun hats are also important for you to be protected from UV damage. A wide-brimmed bucket hat is one of the most popular sun hats in recent years. It can protect your face, ears and neck from the sun while make you look good in a hat.

In fact, it is estimated that your preferred white T-shirt has a UPF rating of less than 15, and if the T-shirt gets wet, its level of sun protection will decrease. Therefore, the best option for protecting your skin is to wear UPF clothing. SPF stands for “Sun Protection Factor” and measures how long sunscreen protects you from UV rays, while UPF stands for “UV Protection Factor” which indicates how much UV radiation is absorbed by the fabric, not your skin.

Therefore, UPF sun protection clothes are made of tightly woven fabrics that are usually treated with a chemical UV absorber to make them more effective.