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How to Keep Your Toddler’s Hat on?

One of the biggest problems for toddlers in the summer is to keep them wearing hats. They may be bored with wearing a hat so they often take the hat off. Toddler’s skin is very delicate and it is easy to get sunburned. Thus, you need to keep the hat on your kids’ head. Here are some tips for keeping them wearing hats.

  • You want them to think that it’s cool for everyone to wear a hat. All adults and other older children in the family must wear a hat every time they go out. “Mom wears her hat, Dad wears his! You must wear your hat.” We are all the same.
  • Every time when your child takes his hat off, throw a tantrum and let them know it’s not right. Your attitude must be firm and tell your children that if they don’t wear a hat, they must go into the house. “We must wear hats, mum has hers, and dad has his, what about yours?” Explain to them that they can’t come out unless they are going to keep the hat on the head.
  • Every time you go out, make an agreement with your child that everyone must wear a hat and see if they do, just like wearing shoes and a jacket. Let it be a sign to go outside. Do this consistently, even if going out by taxi or sit in the pushchair.
  • Kids always want their mother’s and father’s things, so you put on your kid’s hat, and they will think they’re getting to wear yours.
  • Make it cool. When you wear it, you can say “Mom likes her hat! Do you like it?” Kids want to wear your hat.
  • Give them the option. Prepare two hats for your child to choose one that they like. I think you can also let them pick it in the store. They will wear their own hats.
  • Straps/strings/nylon buckle these methods don’t work for young children, but are useful for some less naughty children. In general, children’s hats are equipped with windproof ropes or chin strings; on the one hand, to prevent the hat from being blown away by the wind; on the other hand, to prevent your child from taking it off.
  • Tell them if they are not wearing a hat, the sun will burn their head and face, and it must be ugly. Also, you can use some pictures to let them directly know the damage of the sun.

The bucket hat comes with a variety of designs and colors, and it is popular in recent years. Bucket hats for kids are lightweight and comfortable, which give your kids a full coverage by protecting their face, ears and neck from the sun. A nice bucket hat is very suitable for kids at any age. Usually, a bucket hat made of cotton or nylon is soft and durable, so it can be worn for a long time.

Wearing a hat will protect your children from the sun. It also teaches them the value of protecting themselves from the sun, which is a life lesson that should be learned early.