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Sun-protective Outfits

Summer is coming! You are definitely worried about the sun will cause your kids to burn. Do not think that the sunscreen can provide completely protection from the sun. Wearing a sun hat is the best and easiest way to protect your kids from the sun and block the ultraviolet radiation for their head, face and neck. If your kids get used to wearing a hat when they go outdoors or on the way to school, it could increase the possibility that they will routinely wear the hat for non-school outdoor activities. Except for a hat, you also should get you kids to wear sun-protective clothing. Clothing and hats are indispensable for they provide full coverage for sun protection.  They are more effective than the sunscreen.

Next, let’s take a look on some nice sun-protective clothing and hats.

Sun clothes with a UPF rating indicating the amount of UV rays that can penetrate the fabric. For example, a UPF 30+ shirt allows just 1/30 of UV radiation to reach the skin.

Boys’ Swim Trunks

If you bring your kids to the swimming pools or the beach, they will definitely want to swim or play in the water. The sea-colored swim trunks with UPF 50+ to provide good sun protection for your kids. The fabric is very soft and the elastic waistband is significant enough to keep the shorts on. The inside has a built-in swim diaper which is suitable for kids from 12 months to 5 years.

Mini Swimsuit

With pink stripe and white dots and simple solid colors, this mini swimsuit offers a collection of colorful separates for girls to put together the perfect beach ensemble. There is a long-sleeve shirt and board shorts together with a white bucket hat, the whole outfit is perfect for your baby girls.

Sport Swim Gear

There are some sleek sharks and modern dots on this swim gear. The whole outfit includes a pair of board shorts and rash guards, which are very cool. The clothing is lightweight and soft that you kids will feel very comfortable to wear.

Long Sleeve Surf Suit

It’s hard to make sure the sunscreen you’re applying on your kids between sand, surf, or getting in out of the swimming pool or beach stays on their body and works. This unisex long-sleeve rash guard keeps you reapply the sunscreen to a minimum while providing UPF 50+ protection for the kid’s torso and arms. The waterproof suit is made of a nylon that also provides warmth, durability and flexibility.

Surf Bucket Hats

These bucket hats are really suitable for beach wear. Look at these floral patterned hats which are same as the shorts. Bucket hats for kids with wide brim that can protect your kids from the sun and harsh sun’s rays. This floral bucket hat suits for both boys and girls without any inappropriateness. The bucket hat usually made of waterproof material that can keep your kids out of water when they are surfing. Besides, these hats are crushable and packable which means they can be folded and packed on your pocket without damaging them.