Donald Firesmith

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Greetings! My name is Don Firesmith, and I am the President of the OPEN Process Framework (OPF) Repository Organization (OPFRO). I am the architect of this website and from 2000 through through 2003, I personally developed and owned the website and its content of some 1,100 reusable (OPF) process components. At the end of 2003, I decided to make these process components both open source and free.

I have worked in industrial and business software development since 1978 and have worked exclusively with object technology since 1984. The author of five books on object technology, I am well known as an OO methodologist specializing in the areas of project management, requirements engineering, system and software architecting, and testing. I have also published numerous technical articles and regular columns in technical magazines and journals. For the last four years, I have concentrated on Web development including business and technical strategy, digital branding, and website architecting.